Multi-Tasking: Taking your Fitness to the next level in 2015: As a newly certified personal trainer, I am always reading up on
Smart Ways to Resist Food Cravings: Cravings can often be a downfall of a seemingly healthy diet. They
What do you really know about trans fats?: In November 2013 after years of debate and struggle, the FDA finally

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Designer Spotlight: Zankhna Parekh: Designer Zankhna Parekh took a long journey to get to design but
Designer Spotlight: Lotty Dotty: Maya Persaud, Lotty Dotty When you hear Lotty Dotty, what do you
Designer Spotlight: Kate Boggiano: Kate Coxworth, Kate Boggiano The classic lines and craftsmanship in Kate Boggiano

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The 2015 Chicago Auto Show’s Most Exciting Car Debuts Ford’s new era of “total performance” Ford performance is in high gear as demonstrated by two exciting cars introduced:
Catching up with a Mom Entrepreneur: Karin Caro, DailyBlu I first talked to Karin Caro in 2011, spotlighting her achievements for a trendy PR firm – Blu Chip
Beets & Greens Sauté Some seasons make us crave certain foods – perhaps, that’s what eating with the seasons is all about. Winter
Multi-Tasking: Taking your Fitness to the next level in 2015 As a newly certified personal trainer, I am always reading up on the latest developments in the fitness industry.
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Kids and Technology: Learning the Digital Balance How many parents would raise their hands if I asked about their concern with the amount of technology in their kids’ lives? There will likely be just as many of those that enjoy the positive
Getting Boys to Read this Summer If your son is as active as mine this summer, you may also be worried about the lack of energy that’s applied to books. And reading more is what most teachers recommend over the
First Pet in the Family I thought of this post back in February, while attending the 2014 International Kennel Club of Chicago show (where we saw this beautiful poodle). My son was thrilled to attend too. Kids naturally gravitate


A work space is incomplete without a good shop
Don’t be shocked. This beautiful birdhouse is not our
Your kids will have a blast all season with