The 2015 Chicago Auto Show’s Most Exciting Car Debuts: Ford’s new era of “total performance” Ford performance is in high gear
World of Wheels continues to thrill: If you desire some of the most outlandish, over-the-top, highest level custom
Top five sleepers at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show: What looks like your ordinary family hauler is really a torquey, rear-wheel


Building a Shop Stool: A work space is incomplete without a good shop stool, and there’s
Birdhouse Inspiration: Don’t be shocked. This beautiful birdhouse is not our finished project. It
How To Make An Old Fashoned Style Tire Swing: Your kids will have a blast all season with this homemade tire

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The 2015 Chicago Auto Show’s Most Exciting Car Debuts Ford’s new era of “total performance” Ford performance is in high gear as demonstrated by two exciting cars introduced:
Catching up with a Mom Entrepreneur: Karin Caro, DailyBlu I first talked to Karin Caro in 2011, spotlighting her achievements for a trendy PR firm – Blu Chip
Beets & Greens Sauté Some seasons make us crave certain foods – perhaps, that’s what eating with the seasons is all about. Winter
Multi-Tasking: Taking your Fitness to the next level in 2015 As a newly certified personal trainer, I am always reading up on the latest developments in the fitness industry.
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Surrogacy: the basics explained Many women of my generation are starting a family later than, perhaps, our mothers did. And it is often a challenge to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy for a variety of reasons. The
The Word on Cord Blood Banking Cord blood banking is a hot subject among the medical professionals and new and expecting parents. There is so much information out there. How do you decipher what’s important and how to select a
Ten Things to Enjoy before Having a Baby Full disclosure: the idea for this story is the brainchild of my husband Dave, who often reminisces of things we used to be able to do before kids. It’s true, your life will never

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Our annual car show trip (Buick Nationals this time)
Last month we did the unthinkable – packed the
Dayton, Ohio, has a claim to many of today’s