North America

Allentown, PA detours – rides, crayons, cars, fish & chocolate: Do you ever feel that the whole country is under construction? That
Exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in Portland: Our annual car show trip (Buick Nationals this time) took us to
Disney World Unplanned: Last month we did the unthinkable – packed the kids in the

Seafood Recipes

Crunchy Greens & Tuna Salad: I have been more nutrition conscious lately, watching for calories, sodium, fiber,
Fresh Flounder recipe: Interesting fact about flounder – this fish can not only blend with
Tuna Steak with Caper Relish recipe: One of my favorite things about fish is how quick it is



Tri-Color Hummus If you ever made homemade hummus, you’d never go back to store bought. It’s fresh & full of flavors
Ultra-feminine: 10 Fashion Styles to take you from Spring into Summer 2017 How do you define Spring-Summer 2017 style? Easy, breezy, floral, effervescent. It’s the fresh blooms in the air and
Sporty SUV picks from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show The immensely popular SUV/crossover segment enables car buyers to get anything that suits their tastes. From large to small,
Spaghetti Squash Crunch You can’t trust everything you read. That’s how I ended up with this Spaghetti Squash Crunch recipe. Let me
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Making Baby Food healthy, easy and convenient Your baby’s transition from breastmilk or formula to baby food is an exciting step. There are so many options available for parents. They range from mashing and blending your own vegetables or fruit to
Things you didn’t know about your baby’s diet I have long wondered about the concept of “kids meals” in restaurants. Our kids need nourishing and satisfying food just like we do, but in smaller portions. We all know that fruits and vegetables,
How to Help Transition Your Toddler during a Move Moving to a new home can be stressful, especially for young children. To 
them, the house is the base camp of their world. From here they venture out to explore and learn before returning to


A work space is incomplete without a good shop
Don’t be shocked. This beautiful birdhouse is not our
Your kids will have a blast all season with