Spotlight on MomPreneur: Melissa Duncan, Royal Princess Parties

Mom and minionRoyal Princess Parties… the name alone brings out a little twinkle in any girl’s eyes. There is something magical about princesses, so who wouldn’t want to throw a party with them? Melissa Duncan, a self-proclaimed Disney fan, made this dream a reality with the support of her husband and her business partner Katie. Melissa is not new to entrepreneurship, having been a part of Creatively Caring and active in the local community. This mom of three knows how to balance, and when it comes to Royal Princess Parties, it’s a blend of professional performers with a little sprinkle of magic. As a mom of a princess in the making, I’m thrilled to see this royally great idea come to life! I asked Melissa a few questions about Royal Princess Parties and her business philosophy in this interview.

What inspired you to start Royal Princess Parties?

With 3 children, I have been surrounded by Disney, PBS and Nickelodeon for the last 18 years. I loved the way fairy tale characters would fill our afternoons with music, laughter and colorful fun. Well…the kids are getting older and there is less ‘Be My Guest’ music in the house and more time on my hands. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate business to start, one that creates magic, fun, laughter, happiness, imagination and celebration.

How did you come up with the name?

royal princess partiesFor special occasions are times to celebrate and deserve the Royal treatment, hence Royal Princess Parties.

What are some of the different kinds of parties that you offer?

We offer a wide variety of packages, but our most requested would be the Royal Ball Package with 2 princesses and the Royal (Spa)Treatment Package. All our packages include music, party games, sing -a- longs, coronation ceremony, storytelling and themed stickers.

How do you find the staff for each party? Do they have to audition?

Princess BeautyEach performer brings their very own magic and imagination into the realm of Royal Princess Parties. Quality is important to us. Our screening process ensures that you will be receiving the safest, most talented, fun loving fairy tale professional performers that we can offer. Our entertainers are professional trained performers and singers. Some of their talents include leading roles in musical theater productions throughout Illinois and beyond, as well as early childhood education.

What is unique about your princesses?

We pride ourselves on professionalism and talented performers. When your chosen princess walks in the room, your children believe it is the real thing.

How are you planning to market the Royal Princess Parties business?

Royal Princess partiesWord of mouth is the best way to market any business. We have information on Facebook and Instagram, as well as our website, but most of our business comes from word of mouth and referrals from previous parties.

Do you have a set schedule or a flexible one? What works for you?

My schedule is pretty flexible. When booking parties, you need to be available during anyone’s free time. Some people work during the day and cannot plan a celebration while at work. I love what I do and try to make myself available when needed.

You are a busy mom. What are your strategies to balance work and family?

I am a stay at home mom with all my kids in school now! So I have time to work during the day while they are all away. After school we focus on homework, greeting Dad when he comes home, dinner and bed times rituals.

Who is the biggest supporter of your business?

My husband Brian. As well as my partner Katie. Without them, I couldn’t have started this adventure.

Why are princess parties so popular?

Fairy Tales are the door to creativity, imagination and inspiration. We all read our children fairy tales, and it takes them to a distant land. Where magic exists, unicorns are real and every little girl is a princess. That is why princess parties are so popular in my opinion.
Royal Princess parties

What advice would you give to moms that want to start their own event company?

Go for it. Once you have investigated the pros and cons and it is a good decision, take the risk and make it happen.

If I asked your kids what kind of mom you are, what would they say?

Busy, silly, loves Disney. They don’t like when I sing with the Disney movies…they make fun of me and it makes us laugh.

Find more information on the Royal Princess Parties at and on Facebook.

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