Catching up with a Mom Entrepreneur: Karin Caro, DailyBlu

Karin Caro, DailyBluI first talked to Karin Caro in 2011, spotlighting her achievements for a trendy PR firm – Blu Chip Marketing. The web has moved miles away from then, necessitating this update. Staying attuned to the market, Karin wisely shifted her business focus to deliver the news the way people want to consume it – live and streaming. However, she is not following the typical news cycle. Her focus is only on the positive. And I find that refreshing. How often do you turn on a news channel to hear about the latest fires, robberies and crashes? Do you find that newsworthy? I don’t. It reminds me more of police blotter than genuine news. Plus, it’s the negativity, the depressing look at the way things are in our city, and the picture is the same across America. Karin Caro is looking at news in a different way. Her website, TheDailyBlu delivers daily news and is streaming since 2012, but the focus is only on the positive.

She says, “I’m bothered by how the negative news takes precedence”.

Karin and her team cover fashion, relationships, business, charitable work and community news. These are 20 minute shows that feature a variety of guests. And people are responding – TheDailyBlu has accumulated a database over 5000 digital contacts.
The shows have gone a long way since the first one that Karin says was a simple phone recording. DailyBlu on the go reporting has since resulted in 2 awards for Science and Technology and The Social Networking Folio Award by The Fair Media Council. As any good newsperson, Karin recognizes that “Content is key” and she looks to Twitter as a great resource to find local charities and community organizations. She wants to “spread the goodness”. Karin says,

“I want to spotlight someone doing great, being inspired and energized by where we are.”

There are many examples of this positivity in the work of DailyBlu. A few examples of the work she spotlights in DailyBlu include raising money for kids with cancer to go to camp, charitable work and some notable others:
Moxxie Group helps young women feel inspired by successful women. The group helps college girls find mentors in successful women in the community.
– Daniel Marrone, CEO of Evolve Professional (a men’s luxury grooming product line) hosts Front Row, a weekly web-show geared towards fashion with the latest tips, tricks and trends to looking your best. Marrone shows you first hand how to be anything but ordinary. In-studio or out on the town, Front Row takes a behind the scenes in depth look at the best boutiques, warehouses, gyms and even personal stylists. Marrone firmly feels to be your best, you have to look your best: “life’s too short to view from a distance!”
– DailyBlu’s relationship expert – Jason Galka – talks about keeping relationship positive, a commitment to family.
– Michael Watt (“Mr. Long Island”) knows the community, which is evident from his show where he talks about truth, beauty, local news.
– Art and Fashion Show with Dominique Maciejka, owner of Paperdoll Vintage Boutique in Sayville, (a shop featuring unique original vintage clothing, accessories, plus pinup style reproductions). Art & Fashion spotlights local artists of various mediums such as fine art, glass art, photography, designing, illustrations, jewelry making and more. Each week Maciejka gives artists the opportunity to share their story through words to discover each artists inspiration, background, style and passion for the arts. Here’s a good example from the Rip Art Gallery: art-fashion-with-dominique-ripe-art-gallery. During the interview, artists’ work is displayed to showcase their talent to new audiences. Maciejka is an art and fashion enthusiast that strives to help keep the love of art and vintage fashion alive.
Realty Connects Long Island helps people see how our economy is thriving and how to purchase a home and help young people stay and find better housing for seniors – the idea is delivering news from the positive angle of looking at solutions.
– Fantasy Fashion Hair, a NYC client who specializes in Wig Rentals and customized hair extensions. It is like Rent the Runway, the popular high in dress rental company but for high end designer wigs. Anyone can rent a wig, and designers are anxious to get their hands on the wigs designed by the famous hair stylist, Eiji Yamane who has become famous for his dry haircuts. Celebrities have rocked the wigs, but the biggest push right now is for the models walking the catwalks. The rental wigs make for quick, and easy hair transformations for the models in between outfit changes. Everyday women are catching on to the trend, Now they can rent their designer dresses, rent their designer bags, and complete the look with their designer wig for a special occasion.
– Christine Guarino who started “A world of pink” organization after watching women go through cancer, mastectomies, and developed prosthetic intimate apparel to help them feel beautiful. She says “I want to create a bridge between these women and their doctors. It’s about making them feel beautiful.”
Karin herself is passionate about and active in many charities, including Angela’s House, Catholic Charities, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, 100 Women Who Care, American Heart Association, to name a few. It’s nice to see this entrepreneur getting social media and the power of streaming video to bringing positive and inspirational stories. Karin’s first passion remains her four kids and they are inspiring as well, having learned from mom, with their own blogs now. You can read my original Karin Caro interview from 2011 in this post.

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