Product Fave: Art Frames Wallpaper for Kids to Draw On

art frames wallpaper Have you spent hours trying to get your little one’s artwork off the walls? If your child is an artist at heart (and who isn’t?) and prefers walls over simple paper, I have a solution for you. When I first saw this product at Land of Nod, I thought to myself “Probably not a good idea to encourage drawing on the walls”. But once I saw how much enthusiasm it drew from my son, I changed my mind. Talk about an amazing concept! This wallpaper is white and covered with drawn frames; all your child has to do is create his own masterpiece inside each frame. The frames are done in different sizes and shapes, so it truly encourages creativity. What an ingenious idea!

I suggest spending this art time together with your child, so you can make sure other walls/floors are not covered in crayon or paint, and talk about each creation. Talking through artwork is an extremely useful skill, developing the understanding of his own artistic skills and visualizing ideas. If your tot is over 6, some independent time with this art frames wallpaper is a good idea. You can try crayons, markers, or even some non-water based paint. Not every frame has to be painted. Perhaps, your child will enjoy cutting interesting pictures from magazines and then gluing them on various frames. Let their imagination run wild!

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