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Designer Spotlight: Zankhna Parekh: Designer Zankhna Parekh took a long journey to get to design but
Designer Spotlight: Lotty Dotty: Maya Persaud, Lotty Dotty When you hear Lotty Dotty, what do you
Designer Spotlight: Kate Boggiano: Kate Coxworth, Kate Boggiano The classic lines and craftsmanship in Kate Boggiano
Designer Spotlight: AprilMarin: April Bukofser and Marin Milio, AprilMarin As much as I love the
Designer Spotlight: Jean Roth: Jean Roth, Rotem Gear Jean Roth is a unique type of designer
Designer Spotlight: Laura Dawson: Laura Dawson is a perpetual traveler who draws her inspiration from life,
Designer Spotlight: Renae Plant: Renae Plant, Bump Babies Inc. Renae Plant, designer and founder of Bump
Designer Spotlight: Cheri Milaney: Vancouver designer Cheri Milaney surprised the audience at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week
Designer Spotlight: Victoria Hinks Taylor: Victoria Hinks Taylor has been making headlines in Paris, London, Milan, New
Designer Spotlight: Asli Filinta: Asli Filinta’s designs are both eccentric and optimistic, so no wonder her