Family Friendly Super Bowl Sunday

Come Sunday, if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, you are probably getting the snacks ready and getting into the spirit. The kids may love watching the game or they may get bored. So how do you get them engaged and having fun while being busy? I turned for help to Victoria Thankoukos, event planner/owner of Kensington Florals & Events, one of Chicagoland’s premier floral design and event planning companies and she had a few creative kids’ activities suggestions:

1.    Play put the football through the goal post (similar to pin the tail on the donkey.).
You can even take it further by having kids color and cut the footballs first.

super bowl game

2.    Make cupcakes with frosting representing both teams – when each team scores the kids can eat only that team’s cupcake.

I would add another idea here to Victoria’s – give the kids plain cupcakes and a lot of little treats to decorate them – as in this goal post cupcake. They’ll need pretzel sticks, icing, shredded coconut and food coloring (or you get it done upfront). Kids love to eat what they make!

football themed cupcake

3.    Create an at-home photo booth:

–  Pin a sheet up against a wall to create a plain backdrop
– Buy or make football-themed photo props (paper helmets, masks on sticks etc.) and give them to the kids along with a Polaroid camera.
They’ll be entertained during the game and go home with something to remember the night by. Maro Designs on has some great, inexpensive photo booth props – including a few that are football/sports related.

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